Labor’s Grip on Construction

Ever since the fall of the price on labor, we've seen a tumultuous demise in craftsmanship.  Next time you're in an old neighborhood, look around.  You'll see evidence of craftsmanship:  copper and boxed gutters, masonry that looks like a pain in the ass to install, roof angles that would kill the weekend warrior, hand made... Continue Reading →

Alice Manufacturing’s Resurrection

I used to live very close to Alice Manufacturing Co's first textile mill:  'Alice' Mill (pictured above).  From what I could tell, it was a spinning and carding operation.  Living in the mill village and shadow of this hulking giant changed me.  My neighbors told me about the days in and outside of the mill... Continue Reading →

Procurement’s Rise to Power

No one is special, knowledge can be phoned in, subject matter experts are long dead.  Corporation brass and shareholders no longer value the intricacies of engineering that are viewed as archaic tradition.  Capital related downtime? Who cares?  The Accounting Review only tells us that the payout and useful life is 4 years.  Money is cheap.... Continue Reading →

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